Sky Image Group offers a wide range of services. We can handle it all, from small to large businesses. Whatever your need, we can design a customized solution for you. Some of our popular services include: private and large building offices, banks, schools, Government buildings, storages & warehouses, manufacturing facilities, shopping centers, event venues and much more.

Cleaning and maintaining shopping centers and events venues are like no other facility housekeeping job. Whether it’s for a concert or movie screening, our staff provides top quality cleaning services to make positive impressions on customers and users.

We’re a leading provider of retail janitorial services for many shopping center in multiple locations, as in a variety of venues as well, from amphitheater to concert halls, to host many of the finest events and most talented people in the world. Take a look of a brief list of services we currently provide.

General Janitorial Services

We are able to offer you various specialized cleaning services. To: Hotels & Resorts, Hospitals, Schools, Casinos / Public Venues, Grounds Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Building Maintenance, Pre and Post Construction.

Pressure Cleaning

We provide a complete range of pressure washing solutions. We can offer pressure cleaning of all surfaces, removing mildew stains from sidewalks, walkways, exterior walls, parking garages and pool areas.

Complete Night Cleaning Program

The night cleaning companies specialize in cleaning properties in the evenings when they won’t have to worry about disturbing the staff or customers. This gives them total freedom to move whatever they need to in order to clean the place completely. Another advantage that night cleaning offers is the ability to use larger machines to clean more efficiently.

Floor Care

Restoration and maintenance of all floor types, (Stripping, sealing, and polishing) Marble Floor, Terrazzo Floor, Linoleum Floor, Granite Floor.

Carpet & Upholstery Care

Our service that is carried out by fully trained technicians using the highest quality carpet cleaning equipment and products. We can guarantee that our cleaning service will not only prolong the life of your carpets and upholstery but will also make them look amazing.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents designed specifically for your carpet type and leave your carpets residue free and also offer Deodorization, Sanitation, and Disinfectants.

Handyman Services

Re-sealing of blacktops, painting of parking lines, curbs, and handicap emblems. General Painting Services, and General Repair.

Temporary Personnel

We can to provide the following hotel personnel: housekeeping, houseman, laundry, stewarding personnel, bartenders, valet runners, porter services, bellman, front desk agents.